Triennial International Conferences

Connecting Local Communities and Service Initiatives Through Global Networking

The international conference offers an opportunity to explore and share the many and varied community-service possibilities and intervention models, as well as volunteer opportunities for younger and older generations. The primary intent is to create an inclusive, diverse, cross-cultural environment for sharing and growth through community improvement discourse among scholars, practitioners, and volunteers of all ages.

Empowering local communities for sustainable global impact and improvement.

The Let Us Dream Conference was established in 2017 for the purpose of providing a forum for sharing experiences with successes and challenges in community improvement organizations and efforts.

Broad conference goals are to:

  1. Improve networking and collaboration among all those interested in community improvement organizations and programs;
  2. Promote volunteerism and empower all those involved in community improvement organizations and initiatives, including employees, volunteers, post-secondary students, researchers, and practitioners;
  3. Create a professional learning organization dedicated to improving local communities and characterized by a culture of shared researcher and practitioner knowledge, skills, theories, and best practices.
Target Audience
Adult and young adult volunteers, Business owners involved in voluntary community development projects, Not- for-profit organizations, philanthropists, board members, social workers, educators, and educational administrators interested in community collaborative initiatives; Post-secondary student leaders, instructors, and professors; Retirees willing to share expertise and time for the betterment of community; All who dream of a better future and desire to make a positive community impact for generations to come.
This Conference is Presented to:
  • Empower people of diverse age groups and backgrounds working in a myriad of community improvement programs aiming at a better tomorrow.
  • Consider the concepts and findings of researchers with the real-world experiences of practitioners, providing relevance to and synergizing combined knowledge.
  • Promote community service and learning among students by introducing diverse community improvement interventions.