Music the ultimate expression of self. Music is the closest thing today to divinity. It casts the beauty of the soul and magnifies everything it touches. Not only a form of self-expression, but also the harbinger of peace and prosperity. Music is the soul’s way of connecting with God. Born out of the beautiful vision of the DREAMS program, the DREAMS Band brings together a group of talented and determined individuals in various location of the DREAMS.

Project, who wish to make positive changes around them through the power of music. At the core of the DREAMS Band lies the conviction in the ability of music to transform, educate, and inspire human beings. Through songs with motivational lyrics and upbeat music, the band attempts to uplift the spirits of the people, and nurtures a musical garden for holistic development.
Written, composed, performed, and managed by the children in the band, the songs share stories of values, and success. The children are also supported and guided by the local musicians. The Band performs one day musical retreats apart from the regular concerts of 1-2 hours’ duration.

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DREAMS Band is a group of budding musicians coming together for one vision and mission to empower the society and holistically grow others around using music as an effective tool. The band is a balance between a professional and a college band. The freedom to express and space to grow are the two most important factors I have personally experienced being a part of the band for the last 4 years. The band really has an impact on people as the songs the band performs and the performances are very life-centric. Each performance for me was reliving the success through struggles in life, or cherishing the past memories. One of the most memorable moments of my time with the band was my first day in the band. To have got selected as a keyboardist for the band was a huge surprise in my life and a turning point to an in depth exploration in the field of music. As soon as I entered the jam room I could see a few musicians I really looked up to and the space made me feel very comfortable and I felt belonged. I found a bunch of friends who later in life turned out to be a strong support system and family away from home. The vision and mission of the band is what attracted me. Coming from a family involved in ministry I grew up understanding the importance of bringing a change in the society using my passion for music. The Band has absolutely put me in the most uncomfortable situations to mold me to become a good leader and teacher. The functioning in the band really made me capable of multiple responsibilities which includes coordination and other soft skills very essential for working under any institution.
Abhishikth George John
Music Coordinator/ Choir Director
CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Central Campus
Being part of the dreams band for me was a journey of self-discovery and holistic growth. It didn't only help me improve my musical abilities, but it also helped me to enhance my other skills like teamwork, leadership, decision-making, and social skills. Being in the same room with hardworking and dedicated individuals had a positive impact on me, and i was fortunate to have been able to learn so much from all the band members who were part of dreams band over the years. The most wonderful thing about the dreams band is that they never look for the best musicians. They instead look for the most dedicated and focused ones who are looking to grow holistically and are passionate about the goal of the Let us dream project. This is what sets it apart from any other band out there.
Mr. Ibin Rigia
Mental health advocate| Mental health professional |Music enthusiast| Musician|