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The overarching purpose of Let Us Dream (LUD) Clubs is to build a sense of community and authentic connections through engagement in online/hybrid conversations and reflective listening about topics that are professionally and/or personally relevant to group participants for holistic advancement. Like mastermind groups, the LUD Club is a peer-to-peer mentoring group where members discuss matters of mutual interest and exchange tested strategies and ideas. The intended outcome is to encourage divergent thinking and develop personal and professional competencies.
Research suggests that conversations with friends can support us emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Designating a meeting time and place to interact and dialogue with others helps ensure that deep conversations will occur. To that end, LUD Clubs are designed to create a virtual, inclusive, safe space for interested participants to meet, brainstorm, and exchange ideas, information, and experiences monthly. Participating members are from various backgrounds of professional, cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities but have a shared desire for personal and professional growth. There are different clubs available with diverse areas of interest.
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20th January 2024 | Bangalore, India