Conversation Club
The primary aim of this club is to engage in casual and reflective conversations. While the discourse is informal, the topics are intriguing, provocative, and frequently laced with humor. A wide range of themes, spanning the serious to the whimsical, are discussed at monthly online meetings. Some topics thus far include Inclusion And Equity, Empathy and Compassion, Personal Decision-Making Styles, Inspirational Persons; Food, Clothes, Personal Uniqueness, and Cancel Culture.
● Foster an environment that encourages open and free-flowing conversations among members.
● Build a community where members feel connected through shared experiences and engaging conversations.
● Embrace a wide range of themes to explore the diversity of thought and perspectives within the group.
How it works?
While each LUD Club has a distinct focus, the overall structure of the Conversation Club includes virtual meetings every Wednesday, the third week of the month. This includes 12-15 active members who wish to engage in discourse grounded in shared interests. Generally, a group member assumes a manager role to ensure that meeting dates, times, and topics are collaboratively identified and scheduled. Clubs are self-organised, self-managed, and self-generated, and leadership is shared among group members. Mutual accountability is inherent in club discussions inasmuch as there is a periodic sharing of goals and progress. A one-hour timebox for each meeting is maintained.
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Latest News Update
20th January 2024 | Bangalore, India
Dr Pauline
Retired Professor, Louisiana Tech University
Lisa Jungkamp
Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Cologne