Professional (Pro) Club
A professional development mentoring club, this group was established to support its members. Small groups of 10-12 working professionals representing a variety of occupations meet monthly to share and discuss various strategies about scheduled topics and members’ experiences with implementing those strategies.
● Encourage sharing of expertise and experiences.
● Foster a collaborative environment for diverse perspectives.
● Provide a platform for discussing career strategies.
● Focus on skill development, networking, and navigating professional challenges.
● Create a space to discuss real-world challenges.
How it works?
While each LUD Club has a distinct focus, the overall structure of the Professional Club includes virtual meetings every Thursday, the second week of the month. This includes 12-15 active members who wish to engage in discourse grounded in shared interests. Generally, a group member assumes a manager role to ensure that meeting dates, times, and topics are collaboratively identified and scheduled. Clubs are self-organized, self-managed, and self-generated, and leadership is shared among group members. Mutual accountability is inherent in club discussions as much as there is a periodic sharing of goals and progress. A one-hour timebox for each meeting is maintained.
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Latest News Update
20th January 2024 | Bangalore, India
Col Ranjeev Babu, VSM
Agile Trainer | ICAgile Authorized Instructor
Rajesh P I
Founder & Artistic Director, The Actors Collective