Dreams Pro Club

DREAMS Pro Club is a support group to help in personal and professional development of the young professionals. A team consisting of 10-12 working professionals meet once every month to discuss strategies to understand and support personal and interpersonal life situations.

The Club helps inculcate the values of identity and community belonging in the members. Apart from enhancing communication skills and problem-solving skills, it also focuses on generating positive attitudes about self and the other, developing leadership, cooperation, and community engagement.


Volunteers from the local community including business owners involved in voluntary community developmental projects, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, social workers, educators or educational administrators, retired personnel, students, or anyone interested in contributing to their community development can be a part of the conference and engage in fruitful dialogues with visionaries through the conference.


My experience with the Dreams Professional Club has been tremendous. I have been associated with it right from the beginning. No matter what, I make it a point to attend all meetings. I must have missed it only a handful of times. I have found the meetings to be very useful. Since we are all people from different backgrounds, there is so much diversity and a wide array of perceptions here. The way each person approaches a challenge or an issue is vastly different, because each person's background, thought process, style of approach is so different and it gives everyone great learning opportunities. There is a lot of safety in this space and one can speak one's mind without worrying whether one is judged or not. When everyone is sharing their life experiences and not some arbitrary theory, the conversations get very interesting because they come from a space of great authenticity and vulnerability.
Rajesh P.I
Founder & Artistic Director, The Actors Collective
As a member of the DREAMS Professional Club, I have had the privilege of attending monthly meetings with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, cultural orientations, and from across the globe. Despite geographical differences, we are united by a singular purpose of engaging in thought-provoking discussions. It has been fascinating to see how our diverse experiences and perspectives have enriched the conversations and contributed to our collective growth. The club has provided an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, and I have personally gained a lot from my esteemed fellow members. Overall, being part of the DREAMS Professional Club has been an enriching experience that has broadened my horizons and expanded my professional network and net-worth!
Colonel Ranjeev K Babu,VSM
Agile Trainer l ICAgile Authorized Instructor