COURSE PLAN 2020 – 22

Course Description

The Young Community Leadership Program (YCLP) is to prepare young aspiring leaders with the skills and experience needed to generate transformative social change. The interdisciplinary program emphasizes highly applied coursework, relationship building, and hands-on practical experiences which are essential components for developing strong leadership, mentoring and coaching skills. The program involves enhancing the community leadership and mentoring skills among students of undergraduate programs through planning and organizing peer mentoring programs in identified schools.

The students will be trained to be sensitive to the psycho-social and leadership needs of the teenage students in schools and help them develop those skills through diverse interventions such as training, mentoring, games, music, theater, activities, etc. for three years with a set curriculum. In addition, students will be introduced a community intervention model (DREAMS) and they will be trained how to initiate and implement an action plan to make some substantial and sustainable positive difference in the life of those lower performing teenagers.

Course Objectives

To develop leadership, mentoring, organizational, entrepreneurial skills through community based initiatives
To develop psycho-social and leadership skills development and growth assessment
To respond positively to alleviate social issues through community collaboration

To utilize skills and talents in developing lower performing students’ psycho-social and leadership skills

Course Learning Outcomes:

Mentoring and leadership skills that help to make positive changes in school students and in the community
Organizing and managing skills in community development initiatives
Design of community intervention programs and evaluate impact of the interventions

Apply the DREAMS Model for community development initiatives


The students from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) shall receive the certification of the Young Community Leadership Program (YCLP) along with their final graduation certificate. Students from outside will be awarded a separate certificate upon the successful completion of the program from LET US DREAM.