Let Us Dream 2020

Triennial International Conference

Connecting Local Communities and Service Initiatives Through Global Networking


The LET US DREAM Conference was launched in 2017 at Louisiana Tech University. The purpose of that first annual conference was to provide a forum for professionals, scholars, researchers, and post-secondary students to share experiences, activities, challenges, and achievements in their respective efforts to realize community improvement. The 2017 conference was a great success, featuring prominent keynote speakers, three separate panel discussions pertaining to the fields of Education, Health, and Social Service, and numerous organizational table presentations. Approximately 200 people attended that conference.

Over the past few years, the Let Us Dream Conference sites have expanded to include three additional localities. Moreover, the Let Us Dream Conference has evolved to include not only annual locally-hosted events, but now an international one as well. This year will mark the first Triennial International 2020 Let Us Dream Conference. Whereas the focus of the ongoing annual local conferences is to foster networking and community-improvement collaboration within specific communities, this year’s international conference will provide a transnational forum for global networking and collaboration. The international conference offers an opportunity to explore and share the many and varied community-service possibilities and intervention models, as well as volunteer opportunities for younger and older generations. The primary intent is to create an inclusive, diverse, cross-cultural environment for sharing and growth through community improvement discourse among scholars, practitioners, and volunteers of all ages.

Empowering local communities for sustainable global impact and improvement.

  • To improve international networking and collaboration among all those interested in community improvement organizations and programs;

  • To promote volunteerism and empower all those involved in local and global community improvement organizations and initiatives, including employees, volunteers, post-secondary students, researchers, and practitioners;

  • To create a professional learning global community dedicated to improving local communities characterized by a diverse and inclusive culture of shared researcher and practitioner knowledge, skills, theories, and best practices.


Date: Nov.20-22, 2020

Time: 7 – 9 pm (IST)

Welcome: (3 Mins)

Official Opening: (5 Mins)

Opening Keynote: (25 Mins)

Panel Breakout: (40 Mins)

Unsung heroes: (20 Mins)

Closing Keynote: (25 Mins)

Closing remarks: (5 Mins)

Virtual Music Band: (10 Mins) 


Each day will feature two internationally renowned keynote speakers addressing the major topic of the day (i.e., Education, Health, or Social Service). The first keynoter will speak from a research-based perspective and the second from a practitioner perspective. 

Following the opening keynote, there will be an opportunity to attend one of three parallel panel discussions. Each panel discussion will focus on a different theme pertaining to the day’s topic. Conference participants will select one of the three sessions to attend. 

Each day unsung heroes—change makers selected from an international pool of recommended individuals—will be recognized and celebrated and provided time to share their inspirational stories. 

Musicians from around the world will come together to sing songs that promote global harmony, healing, collaborative growth, and success—all of which reflect the conference message of local and global shared communities.

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel 

Mr. David Sevaraj

Ms. Anita Eipe

Dr. Pauline Leonard

Ms. Unnati Hunjan 

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