The DREAMS chapter in Thiruvananthapuram was initiated with the support from Fr. Bino Pattarakkalam CMI who solicited local community support through various meetings with local potential volunteers in the year 2018. Prof. Alex Thomas and Ms. Maria Ommen had taken up the call and became the co-founders of the chapter. With the help of around eight community volunteers the team got more than 25 college student volunteers from different colleges like Govt Arts College, Women’s college, …… run the program in trivandrum. After a few face to face and virtual training sessions for the youth mentors the chapter has implemented its first summer camp from Monday……Friday….., 2019. Though the majority of participants were from Shishu Visha Middle School, Trivarndrum the camp was organized at Christ Nagar School Trivandrum considering the convenience. 

Currently, the project continue serving the Trivandrum community and schools under the leadership of Ms Maria Oomaan and Prof. Alex. The college youth under the leadership of Mr. Anto…, Ms. Amala Alex and Ms.Vaishnavi Satheesh are actively involved in serving and mentoring these middle school students in their holistic development and success.


The DREAMS Band strives towards making a positive difference in the community by utilizing their musical skills. DREAMS Band is not only an opportunity to sing and motivate the audience but also uses music as a platform to empower communities and make music of their own, which can empower children and youth holistically. It is a band with a meaning and greater goals for the benefit of the society.  


Those who are interested to be a part of the band may contact the respective leaders in each locality. 


DREAMS Pro-club is a support group for the personal and professional development of young professionals. Small groups of 10-12 working professionals meet once every month to discuss and implement strategies for their professional growth. The club helps in inculcating values of identity and community belonging among the members. The program aims at enhancing communication skills, generating positive attitudes about self and others, developing leadership, cooperation and community engagement.


This platform is yet to be initiated. Those who are interested to take a partnership may contact for further details (need to add main website details)









Leadership Team

Mr. Anto
Ms. Amala Alex
Ms. Vaishnavi Satheesh
Prof. Alex
Job Title -PRO-CLUB
Ms. Maria Oommen
Job Title -PRO-CLUB




Janet Breard(Assistant Principal ), Ouachita Junior High School, Monroe, LA)

“The program has had an impact on student’s self-esteem and confidence. Many of the students are more confident in their approach toward their peers. Read more

Dr. Keith Sehon (Mentor)

“….Through encouragement and support from their team members, those that were reluctant slowly allowed themselves to try. You could see a smile on their faces after they participated. The importance of team support, Read more

Canaan Charrior, Dreams Monroe, LA

I hope this message finds you in good health & doing well

I was messaging to express my interest in stepping up & doing more for dreams Read more

december, 2020

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