The Let Us Dream research team is committed to the scientific evaluation of programs held and its impact on the participants as well as audience. This hardworking team rigorously looks into all possible aspects including performing cost/effort-benefit analyses, impact on participants, the teams in charge of mentoring and leadership, scope for community improvement etc. On the basis of this, the team provides suggestions to help improve program designs and its implementation.

The research team invites research enthusiasts and scholars across the globe interested in collaborating on any of the following Research domains:

Aims & Objectives

Our portfolio of evaluation includes:

DREAMS Intervention Program

  • Understanding how the program changes an ordinary student’s perception of himself, his social skills, and leadership skills at different locations.
  • Gauging the efficacy of the program in different countries and amongst different groups of people.
  • Analyzing how the program helps school participants and college students (such as peer mentors) become leaders in their personal lives, community and in the world at large.
  • Understanding how the program helps an adult mentor (members of the senior leadership team) perform as a leader, how it changes an experienced individual’s life and whether it is able to incorporate a brighter and more positive outlook on life with respect to being contented and happy.
  • Assessing how the program brings a change in the community by providing a common platform where three groups- community organizations/businesses, Universities/colleges and Schools collaborate and contribute towards creating a more impactful association.

Community Conferences

  • Studies are initiated to evaluate the effect of the conference held on local communities.
  • To understand and appreciate cultural differences, social entrepreneurial skills and leadership models from the diverse participants and organizations from different locations.
  • To compare and analyze the cultural difference in diverse collaborative models and explore diverse organizational culture for a global perspective.  
  • To evaluate the growth and development of community initiatives, volunteerism, benevolence, social response and commitment through the improved network of the participant organizations and individuals.

Professional Club

  • Studies are conducted to analyze the impact of the club on its members after attending its one-year mutual mentoring club meetings.
  • To compare and understand the cultural differences at an individual and collective level, in terms of a participant’s holistic development, level of happiness and satisfaction at home and work, work-life balance and so on, in different countries and amongst different groups.
  • To gain further insight on how the club positively impacts the participant’s personal, social skills, and Leadership skills.
  • To understand and compare the efficacy of the club in different countries and amongst various populations.

Music Band

  • To understand how the intervention of the music band transforms a school or college student’s self-perception, social and leadership skills
  • To understand the efficacy of the program in different countries and amongst different groups.
  • To understand how the program helps school and college participants become leaders at a personal and professional level.
  • To analyze the transformation, if any, among the audience of the band’s programs.

Global Youth Leadership Training

  • Gauging how the Young Community Leadership Program (YCLP) is impacting the effectiveness of youth leaders in creating more authentic and united community.
  • Appreciating how Youth driven/led monthly sessions held internationally impact the leadership skill development and promote an inclusive mindset among the participants.

Current Research:

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Current Research:


  1. Experiences of peer mentors of DREAMS Intervention Program on mentoring.


  1. Growth and leadership skill experiences of peer mentors of DREAMS Intervention Program


  1. A comparative study on the Efficacy of DREAMS Educational Intervention Program and PERMA PRP Educational Intervention Program – a PHD study