DREAMS Global Youth Leadership Network: Project Outline

What is GYLN?

It is a platform for emerging and prospective youth leaders (from various DREAMS’ Chapters) to learn and develop their leadership skills while networking with equally aspiring individuals around the globe. In contemporary society, many youths are at a loss when it comes to building meaningful relationships with others, with this initiative the youths will get an opportunity for self-growth and building meaningful relationships with the others in the network. The GYLN creates a safe and holistic space for youth to share their experiences and knowledge, by promoting the three pillars of GLYN: Leadership, Personal Empowerment and Social Empowerment.


●  Connect transnationally/globally to engage in multicultural interactions

●  Innovate/Promote new community service initiatives

●  Promote Entrepreneurship and Professional Development

●  Share personal leadership strategies/experiences

●  Enhance individual leadership styles

What Do we Do

The Global Youth Leadership Network will have Monthly Meetings via a virtual platform (Zoom/Google Meets). Meetings will be 45-60 minutes at most. During meetings, members will discuss their personal experiences, knowledge, and ideas (in the light of the topic that are being observed) in order to inspire others, understand different perspectives, and share strategies to widen personal knowledge base for better decisions, actions and leadership.

Activities and Meetings will include having globally renowned leaders/speakers from different walks of life to share their experiences and knowledge to interact in order to enlighten the overall experience of youth leaders throughout meetings.

Membership Outline and Criteria:-


Applicants from all DREAMS Chapters interested in networking, learning, and developing their leadership skills are eligible for membership in this organization.

Age Criteria:-

15-28 years

Number of Members:-

Approximately 2-3 members (more or less) from each chapter of DREAMS will be chosen from the list of candidates who submit their application form.

Member Responsibilities:-

Being a member of the Global Youth Leadership Network is a matter of great regard. A member must abide by the Code of Conduct and play an active role throughout the meetings and other GYLN activities. Here are some general responsibilities of Members:

●  Members must inform the Secretary at least two days in advance if he/she will not be able to be present for the meeting (but emergencies are understandable).

●  If a member has two or more unexcused absences (meaning he/she did not inform the secretary of the absence) the person will be put on probation.

●  Members should be willing to help and assist each other in all matters concerning the GYLN.

  • *Please note that the above are only some of the responsibilities of members, and detailed responsibilities are mentioned in GYLN’s Code of Conduct. If a member fails to abide by them their membership status will be re-evaluated by the Senior Leadership and Executive Committee.