DREAMS Global Youth Leadership Network: Project Outline

Who We Are 

GYLN is a platform for emerging and prospective youth leaders (from various DREAMS’ Chapters) to learn and develop their leadership skills while networking with equally aspiring individuals around the globe. The youth of today are the leaders tomorrow. Our young generation needs to enhance their skills and knowledge, through which they can contribute to an organization’s growth and upliftment of society.

 In the contemporary world, many young people find it hard in building meaningful relationships with others, with this initiative the youth will get an opportunity for self-growth and creating meaningful relationships with others in the network. By promoting the three pillars of GLYN: ​Leadership, Personal Empowerment, and Social Empowerment GYLN create a safe and holistic space for youth to share their experiences and knowledge.

We Aim At 

Global Youth Leadership Network focuses on connecting individuals transnationally to engage in multicultural interactions and promote new community service initiatives. GYLN also aims at sharing personal leadership strategies/experiences through which one can enhance individual leadership styles. Promote entrepreneurship and professional development is also an intention behind this project.

What We Do 

The Global Youth Leadership Network will have Monthly Meetings via a virtual platform (Zoom/Google Meets). The duration of the meetings will be ​45-60 ​minutes. During the meetings, members will discuss their personal experiences, knowledge, and ideas (in the light of the topics that are being observed) to inspire others, understand different perspectives, and share strategies to widen personal knowledge for better decisions, actions, and leadership.

Globally renowned leaders/speakers from different walks of life share their experiences and knowledge to enlighten the overall experience of youth leaders through the activities and meetings. These sessions give real-life experiences to the members which helps them to use this knowledge in building strong foundations and coping with real-life situations.

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Join us

Applicants from all DREAMS Chapters interested in networking, learning, and developing their leadership skills are eligible for membership in this organization. Become a part of our team at

Learn More About our Interventions

Conflict management is the ability to recognize and resolve problems in a rational, fair, and efficient manner. Conflicts are an unavoidable part of our lives.  It’s critical to have individuals who understand conflicts and ways to resolve them. Conflict management is crucial in leadership; preventing and resolving disagreements is difficult. It’s important to understand various perspectives to accept and comprehend that individuals have different realities. The team leaders must make sure that individual tasks and responsibilities are communicated efficiently.

Self-expression is the expression of one’s thoughts through words, choices, or actions. Self-expression, comprises our choices and actions of daily life, our creative expressions, and our choices of words. Expressing creative and emotional self facilitates personal growth and subjective well-being. Improving our ways of self-expression is important for an individual to make a good impression on others. Making an impression on others will help us defines who we are.

Reach us gyln@letusdream.org

Our Team

Participants Speak

GYLN is one of the best things that happened to me this year. I started as a regular mentor in a small chapter of Dreams, from there I became the coordinator of Dreams media and finally to GYLN.  In GYLN, we have people coming from different walks of life, countries,  cultures, languages, and qualifications. At GYLN I have an opportunity to show my talents, learn about new experiences and cultures.  At times the team identifies my problems and tries to give me a better solution. I am really happy and proud to be a member of GYLN. The only suggestion I have is to bring up more activities and participants in the coming future.

Jo Anto Nadamukath

I love the platform and I feel the platform provides a lot of opportunities to talk and grow. I’m comfortable speaking during each meeting and your team made us comfortable to interact with the participants. I truly enjoy the experience. I think each meeting is always fun because we discuss different topics and it gives us chance to bring new perspectives to situations.

Kaici G

As a whole, I think the GLYN platform is amazing. It gets young leaders to interact with one another on an international level. Can never have too much of that. It’s very great to have engaging discussions with each one of them.