About DREAMS Band

Music: the ultimate expression of self. Music is the closest thing today to divinity. It casts the beauty of the soul and magnifies everything it touches. Not only a form of self-expression, but also the harbinger of peace and prosperity. Music is the soul’s way of connecting with God.

Born out of the beautiful vision of the DREAMS program, the DREAMS Band brings together a group of talented and determined individuals in various location of the DREAMS

Project, who wish to make positive changes around them through the power of music. At the core of the DREAMS Band lies the conviction in the ability of music to transform, educate, and inspire human beings. Through songs with motivational lyrics and upbeat music, the band attempts to uplift the spirits of the people, and nurtures a musical garden for holistic development.

Written, composed, performed, and managed by the children in the band, the songs share stories of values, and success. The children are also supported and guided by the local musicians. The Band performs one day musical retreats apart from the regular concerts of 1-2 hours’ duration.

We sing the songs of love

To care and empower

We sing the songs of life

To dream and fly to the best

We sing the songs of ties

To live and work together

We sing the songs of times

To have a meaning in life!



Mannanam, Kerala

Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Chaganacherry, Kerala

Thiruvallam, Kerala

Banglore, Karnataka


Dallas, Texas

Monroe, Louisiana

McAllen, Texas

LaGrande, Oregon

Bastrop, Louisiana