Let Us Dream aims to empower the youth, and other communities across the world through its collaborative intervention projects. Therefore, we have included Training and Development as a significant component of our vision. We believe in combining both  theoretical and experiential aspects of learning through the courses being offered. Our courses are designed to help the learners to be of service to the community, thereby creating a group of impactful leaders across the globe. 

Young Community Leadership Program: (YCLP) is designed to help college students to be better leaders and offer mentoring services for our DREAMS program in different parts of the world. Those who attend this program would be equipped with skills required for effective mentoring and growing into community leaders. They would learn how to collaborate with different organizations for a common goal, sustain the impact for the future and create more competent leaders for a better tomorrow.

Course details

The course is aimed at enhancing the community leadership and mentoring skills of students through planning and organizing peer mentoring programs in identified schools. The students will be sensitized to the psycho-social and leadership needs of the teenage students in schools and help them develop those skills through diverse interventions such as training, mentoring, games, music, theater, activities, etc. for three years with a set curriculum. Additionally, they will be introduced to a community intervention model (DREAMS) and will be trained on how to initiate and implement an action plan to make some substantial and sustainable positive difference in the life of those lower-performing teenagers. Mentoring, teamwork, leadership, organizational, communication, and social entrepreneurial skills constitute the targets areas of the program.

Course structure

The expected duration of the course is 90 hours including lectures, case studies, and onsite fieldwork. The students are expected to actively participate in group work and presentations along with individual assignment submissions on time. Their performance will be evaluated through online or site supervisor reports at the end of each semester. A comprehensive examination consisting of theoretical and practical evaluation along with viva-voce will also be conducted on the completion of coursework over the four semesters.

Expected Outcome

On fulfilling the prescribed requirements and completing the comprehensive evaluation, the students from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) shall receive 4 Credits added to their academic program. Students from outside shall receive exposure to subject matter experts and effectively contribute to community development through the course.


The students from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) shall receive the certification of the Young Community Leadership Program (YCLP) along with their final graduation certificate. Students from outside will be awarded a separate certificate upon the successful completion of the program from LET US DREAM.