Isolated by COVID restrictions in 2021 and limited in social contacts, stressed at the state of the world - joining the DREAMS Conversation Club opened a whole new world of friends, colleagues and contacts. Be the topic love, colors, food or dreams, the opportunity to share ideas, feelings and thoughts with an international group of diverse and engaged people has been immensely enriching for me. Now after COVID - everyone has busy lives again, not all of us can be there every time- but when we ARE together, sparks fly, laughter happens and energy is shared via ZOOM from India, to Germany to the United States and all around the globe.
Mr Michael Kaufmann
Director, Sam and Myra Ross Institute Green Chimneys Children’s Services New York,
United States Leader from Conversation Club
I am excited to be a part of the DREAM Conversation Club. This experience allows a global group of professionals to discuss various cultural, societal, and political topics in a spirit of collaboration and respect for each other’s differences. “I understand’ these are two of the most powerful words you can say, personally and professionally. Whether we believe in the power of our daily rituals or hold a world-shifting viewpoint, acknowledging and respecting the perspectives of others is the tool that fuels the depth, value, and meaning of our contribution to and relationships with them. We all have varying opinions and ideas, making monthly conversations more interesting. The most rewarding takeaway from being a member of the DREAM Conversation Club is that when we can use our lens as a point of relatability to support another in their viewpoint or to provide a unique perspective that may foster an expanded view for them.
Patsy A Hughey, Ed. D
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA