Annual Conferences

Triennial Conference


The LET US DREAM Conference was launched in 2017 at Louisiana Tech University. The purpose of this annual conference is to provide a forum for professionals, scholars, researchers, and post-secondary students to share experience, activities, challenges and achievements in their respective efforts to realize community improvement. The 2017 conference was a great success, featuring prominent keynote speakers, three separate panel discussions on the fields of -Education, Health and Social Service and numerous organizational table presentations. Approximately 200 people attended the conference.

This is a platform to share, learn and celebrate the diversity of our selfless acts and activities around us. It invites individuals with bigger hearts and deeper thoughts for their society and its progress. The conference will introduce different community service possibilities and intervention models among younger and older generations to promote their volunteerism.

Since its inception 2017, conferences have reflected on positive and effective recommendations for community development. DREAM conference has expanded into different  levels: Local Annual conference and Triennial- International conference at four locations.


Empowering local communities for sustainable global impact and improvement


  • To provide an opportunity to share, learn and support more community intervention research, theories and models
  • To provide a forum for sharing experiences including the successes and challenges in community organisations and efforts
  • To invite individuals with bigger hearts and deeper thoughts for their society to be a support system for the community empowerment initiatives


  • It provides a platform to the local community change-makers to share their experiential knowledge thereby encouraging new change-makers to emerge.
  • It provides the individuals an opportunity to network and collaborate with visionary leaders who contribute in community development initiatives.
  • To maintain a forum for a constructive dialogue on community challenges and come up with need-based optimal solutions.
  • The conference offers the participants an opportunity to bridge the knowledge gap through the interaction of researchers and practitioners worldwide.
  • To make recommendations towards achieving greater global peace and harmony worldwide


The LET US DREAM Conference is implemented at three levels:


A network of local conferences implemented globally 


Adult and young adult volunteers, business owners involved in voluntary community developmental projects in different locations. Not-for-profit organisations, philanthropists, board members, social workers, educators/educational administrators (who are interested in community collaboration), College students (psycho-social behavioral studies), college professors, Anyone interested in community initiatives and leadership to make a positive difference in their community, 

Retired people who wish to give their expertise and time back to their community for its better development and anyone who dreams for the better future of the next generation.