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Annual Community conference


The LET US DREAM annual community conference at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, India was conducted on 16th November 2019, under the eminent chairperson Mr. David S.R. The event had promoted better networking and collaboration among volunteers, potential volunteers, philanthropists, and community organizations; and brought up several community improvement programs on-board. The conference also introduced different community service possibilities and intervention models among younger and older generations to promote their volunteerism. Keynote addresses, three separate panel discussions–Education, Health and Social Service—and organizational table presentations held as part of the event were thought-provoking. The idea was widely acknowledged by pro-social individuals through their active participation.

Volunteers from the local community including business owners involved in voluntary community developmental projects, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, social workers, educators or educational administrators, retired personnel, students or anyone interested in contributing to their community development can be a part of the conference and engage in fruitful dialogues with visionaries through the conference.


Empowering the local community initiatives for creating a global impact.



  • It provides a platform for the local community change-makers to share their experiential knowledge thereby encouraging new change-makers to emerge.
  • It provides the individuals an opportunity to network and collaborate with visionary leaders who contribute to community development initiatives.
  • To maintain a forum for a constructive dialogue on community challenges and come up with need-based optimal solutions.


Mr. David:  [email protected] 


Upcoming Conference Co-Chair Committee 

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Conference Theme

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Community Interventions & Improvement

OCT – 12 – 2018


Louisiana Tech University


Committee members:

Prashanth Yempati

Manoj Thomas






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