An International Not-for-Profit Organization Registered in USA & India

The LET US DREAM organizational culture is rooted in the universal human values after the vision of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, that is, the integral formation of a person and commitment to the society. We as humans have so much to offer to the society. Success of each individual, strengthens and acts a s foundation for the society to grow in.  We believe humanity to be one global family, tied together, where our excellence and holistic success as an individual or as a society is interdependent on each other. Growing in the holistic view of life, we would like to DREAM together and grow together


 The Goal of the Let Us DREAMS is the holistic development of youth through clear and realistic goal setting in life. Focus will be on the physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and leadership aspects of each and every individual forming a group of socially responsible, mature, and successful teenagers in three years. We aim to develop and hone the youth such that they are able to take their place in the society and can lead and contribute to its growth.

Core Values


  • Inclusive Collaboration
  • Passion for Service & Stewardship
  • Talent Development & Mutual Empowerment
  • Continues Commitment for Improvement & Innovation
  • Global Perspective and Social Commitment


Empowering Communities for Global Harmony (and Holistic Success)



  • Promote the hidden talents for the holistic success of youth and adults 
  • Enhance collaboration for sustainable achievements of communities
  • Create diverse platform for opportunities and support system where unidentified/struggling individuals to be empowered
  • Develop social commitment and responsibilities with a global outlook


Leadership Team

Finding his own confidence through music, Father Reverend Lijo Thomas Pathickal wanted to help people do the same for children who are under confident and shy like himself and struggle to showcase their capabilities. The drive to share his insights with others like him and helping them realise their full potential led him to forming the DREAMS Program. The journey for developing and implementing the programme has been rocky and difficult but the will power and the conviction of Rev Fr Lijo Thomas to help the others has helped sail the project through for many years now. The Project gradually expanded but the turning point came in 2010, while he was pursuing his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, at the University of Louisiana, Monroe. His mentor at the time, Dr Pauline Leonard, a professor at Louisiana Tech University, suggested that DREAMS had the potential of being developed into a working, scientific model and that was the moment the project steered in the direction it is in today. A 3-year curriculum-based community mentoring project, for schools and colleges, each year focusing on development of skills and leadership, both personally and communally. The program is further designed to encourage children, especially those with lower self-confidence, to rise up to their maximum potential, while also motivating others to do the same around them. Through a 3-stage developmental model, DREAMS helps individuals to work through Desire, Readiness, Empowerment, and Action, to attain mastery for success.


A motivation and an inspiration, Father Reverend Lijo Thomas Pathickal has purposed his life to helping others grow. 

Dr. Fr. Lijo Thomas CMI

Founder / Director

Officer Gary Guice Jr.

President, Board 

Ms. Maribeth Holzer

Vice President, Board

Fr. Philip Pazhayakari CMI

Vice President, Board

Ms. Brandy Soiloue

Tressurar/secratery, Board