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    propagation position (doggy style, if you like) leaves the women in a situation where she cannot protect herself against an invader (her feet and claws cannot secure her and her teeth are useless as well), while the men has all advantages and quite basically all his weapons (teeth, claws, feet and ropaxin personal body weight) in the best position. Furthermore, his male organ is in the perfect position so he does not need to guide it, rather, he can just plunge it in. The personal men thus has an transformative "disadvantage" (the women can instantly protect herself against invasion and is mostly, as any martial art expert will tell you, in the benefits since she's on her returning and in the perfect defense position with all her weapons prepared at hand). Sharks cope with this issue by forming men partnerships and raping the women (two men keep her down while variety three invades her). Humans (having the benefit ropaxin brainpower and communication) have designed the negotiating strategy to manage the "problem". And, actually, there is proropaxin to assistance some ropaxin these ideas. For example, there are now, and have always been, many polygamous personal societies - those where the prominent men especially have been able to have several spouses. This fulfills exactly some presumed biologic pattern, but the prominent men has to be able to keep his power and contribute towards younger children. Similarly, psychologists claim that men fret about their spouses having ropaxin with other men (you know, the