About Us
The LET US DREAM organizational culture is rooted in the universal human values after the vision of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, for the integral formation of a person and commitment to the society. We believe humanity as one global family tied together and our excellence as a person or as a society is interdependent. Growing in the holistic view of life would help us to surpass our compartmentalization and prompt us toward a mutual and collaborative success in life.

Core Values

  • Faith in God
  • Spiritual – Moral Uprightness
  • Personal and Social Commitment
  • Love and Support for Fellow Beings Beyond All Boundaries
  • Being Successful by Leading Others to be Successful in Life

Dedicated to giving a helping hand for the holistic development of the youngsters and enhance their quality of life through supporting them to identify and advance their skills and talents to the best.


  1. To assist youth in identifying and developing their hidden talents
  2. To support in exhibiting and encouraging talented performers
  3. To guide and lead the youth through their struggles on the path to success in life
  4. To build self-confident, ethical, humanitarian and committed citizens of his/her country